Dr. Douglas L. Ragland

Retired Superintendent of Schools

Dr. Douglas L. Ragland’s School Board Success 

Saying: The School System is far better now than when I took office in 2017 and that is always the goal in regards to improvement as well as a measuring stick of success.

• Leadership durin​g Pandemic-Remote, Hybrid, Full in Person with all safety measures and technology equipped for learning including 10 million for computers for every child, with over 2.5 million for hotspots, millions for Personal Protective Equipment, and the like.

• One to one Computer Technology Devices for every child before Cares Act Funding.

• Maintenance of Successful Feeder Plan in having the largest Elementary and High Schools, and the Second largest Elementary and Middle Schools

• Financial Success-10 months (177 million), 5.34 Months (105 million)-Fiscal Year End (September 30, 2021. Highest ever in both cases).

• First-ever Full District Accreditation by AdvancED, also known as Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), awarded July 17, 2018. 2018.

• Accreditation protects the interests of students, their parents, the academic institutions themselves, and potential employers, by ensuring that the educational programs offered have attained a level that meets or exceeds standards that were developed by experts in the field.

• All unqualified or Unmodified Opinion rated Audits during my tenure.

• Instructional Priority: 53% of State Allocation is spent on Instruction and 20% is spent on Instructional Support making the total 73%.

• Capital Plans-Approved 47 million 5 year plan including maintenance, HVAC, Electrical Upgrades, landscaping, and renovations for all schools. District 1 has its share of multi-million dollars invested in capital improvements of Digital Marquees (all schools), Tennis Courts, New Gym flooring, New NBA Lighting, Stage Auditorium, re-sodding and grading of Football Practice Field, 2 new State of the Art Scoreboards for the Football field and Basketball Gym respectively,(Huffman High) state of the art playgrounds and Walking/Running Trails, Parking Lot Resurfacing,(Huffman Academy and Sun Valley) , Track and Parking resurfacing, bleacher and locker room renovation, Window Treatments, Plexiglass Replacements (Smith and Sun Valley) and 2.5 million for new lunchroom and gymnasium at Huffman Middle School, New Football Stadium for Woodlawn High School, New Field House for Carver High School, Security Entrances upgraded for various schools. Huffman Academy will be assessed on 6-29-20 by architect and landscape architect. December 2021 is the target date for completion. There will be a groundbreaking for Huffman Middle School on June 21, 2021.

• Over 2 million of Scholarship monies for Huffman High School Graduates.

• Over 17 million of academic and athletic scholarships at Huffman High School from 2017-2021.

• Largest Graduation Class during my tenure with 300 or more graduates in 2018-2020, and 270 plus in 2021.

• Birmingham Promise Opportunities for Student Success- Scholarships: 302 Graduates in 2020, 1.5 million expected for 2021. Apprenticeships: 89 with 22 being hot HHS, 39 currently with 5 being for HHS.

• 90% Graduation Rate for Huffman High School for 2021.

• Partnership between Birmingham City Schools and Alabama Regional Medical Services to vaccinate children 12 and up and their families. Huffman had the highest number of vaccinations of any schools with over 100 on the initial visit in June 2021.

• Birmingham Mitsubishi Partnership with Huffman High School where Huffman received $3,000.00 Check at June 24, 2021 Open House , $250.00 for Huffman High School/Mitsubishi Student of the month, Annual Scholarship for Huffman High School Senior, $3,000.00 Athletic Banner for Huffman High School and financial commitment to athletics.

• Partnership with Huffman High School and Publix on Springville Road, and CVS in Center Point and Roebuck with 17% of sales of school apparel going to the Huffman High School General Fund. This is the highest percentage of any participating organization with Ohio Pyle.

• 1st Ever State Boys Basketball Championship for Huffman High School.

• Worked Closely with Neighborhood Associations to provide the Huffman High School Girls Basketball Team new uniforms.

• Worked closely with Huffman High School Debate Team in achieving National Awards at Harvard University in 2020.

• Organized and served as sponsor for Huffman Academy Spelling Bee 2019.

• Organized and served as sponsor for Smith Middle School Spelling Bee 2019.

• Organized and served as sponsor for Smith Middle School Spelling Bee 2019.

• First-ever Bryant- Jordan Award and Scholarship for Cameron Hughes for academics and the survival of kidney disease in achieving academic and athletic excellence-2019.

• Huffman Netting Partnership with UAB Accelerating Community Engagement Program and Huffman High School in securing the internet connection for persons with disabilities and Huffman Neighbors. Huffman High School will serve as an internet access point for this project.

• Participant in the Get to Know your Neighbor Day at Huffman High School annually.

• Approved selling of 17 out of 34 Surplus properties including as Going School for a wellness facility for the community.

• Sabrina Wright, 2021 Elementary School Teacher of the Year, Regional Finalist for District 4, and top 16 finalist for the state of Alabama.

• Brianna Cantrell, Sun Valley Teacher of the Year, 2019.

• Jasmine Merlette, Innovative Teacher of the Year, 2019, and Winner of 10,000.00 on the Ellen Degeneres Show.

• Donated Supplies to Huffman Academy for Fundraiser Program.

• Read to the students and donated treats in the classroom for students at Huffman Academy.

• Approved Going Elementary School Sale for Wellness Program for Community.

• Accessibility and active engagement in Neighborhood Meetings and as a result concerns were minimized and or prevented.

• Fiduciary Body and Responsible for Creating Policies for the Success of our Students and Employees.

• School Superintendent, Chief School Financial Officer, and School Board Attorney and we have hired the former 2 in 2019-2020.

• Accreditation-Achieved District Accreditation for the first time in 2019 w/o any stipulations such as probation or threats to lose accreditation.

• Strategic Plan-Student Success, Team Excellence, Stakeholder Trust, and Systems Planning 2019.

• Over 33 million in Graduation Scholarships to colleges throughout this nation from Harvard, Notre Dame, University of Alabama, Auburn University, UAB, Tennessee State, Alabama State, Alabama A&M and collectively over 120 million during my tenure on the Board

• Report Grade C-2019 No assessments have been made for 2020 at the state level.

• Reorganization of District for Accountability in Academics and Finance.

• Highly Qualified and Certified Teachers.

• Evaluation Plan Approved for Certified Employees.

• Modified Calendar for School Year 2021-2022 with Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer Intercessions including certified teachers and partners to provide opportunities to close the achievement gap and making our students prepared for success.

• School Board Member achieved Alabama Association of School Boards Master Certification in 2019,2020, and 2021, and Level 4 Certification in 2018. School Board Member is also Highly Qualified and Certified in Education and Educational Leadership by the State of Alabama until 2027.